SOS number for roadside assistance - 069/667667Plans order number - 060/0992541

National Plan

The best roadside assistance Plan on the market for carefree driving through Serbia is the National Plan (Nacionalni Paket). Whether it is a daily ride, a tourist vacation, a business trip or some other occasion, this package will solve all the problems that can befall you on the road. The National Plan is Atlas’ best-selling Plan and is recommended by drivers. Users have the option of using 2 assistances that offer complete peace of mind on the road to every driver.

The Plan is active for one year from the day of the activation.


Unlimited mileage towing in Serbia or


Vehicle repair up to 100 euros at Bosch Car Service


Transportation of all passengers


Minor on-site repair (tire, electricity, fuel)


Benefits through the Loyalty program

Nacionalni paket - Pomoć na putu24h - Atlas Servis
Nacionalni paket - Atlas Servis

Assistances are as follows:


  • Unlimited towing mileage to the registered address or coverage of vehicle repair costs up to 100 euros at the nearest Bosch Car service or authorized service center (if the vehicle is more than 100 km away from the registered address)
  • Transportation of all passengers to the same place where the vehicle is towed
  • Organization and covering of the costs for the 1 night accommodation for passengers from vehicles
  • Organization of passengers transport to a location different from the vehicle towing location
  • Vehicle storing for 3 days
  • Transport of a trailer
  • 20% discount for further towing
  • 10% discount for car rental service
  • Loyalty program


  • Towing up to 50km or minor on-site repair (electricity, tire, fuel loss) up to 50km or the key delivery up to 50km

* mileage refers to the total number of kilometers in both directions.