SOS number for roadside assistance - 069/667667Plans order number - 060/0992541

Replacement vehicle

Replacement vehicle is the highest level of customer care

This service currently represents the highest level of care for the user who is entitled to the roadside assistance Plan, as it allows him to continue his journey unhindered, when his vehicle is in breakdown. The service is intended primarily for legal entities, but individuals can also expect this service soon in the offer of Atlas roadside assistance Plans.

Depending on the need, the legal entity can create, according to its own requirements and needs, a Plan for the Replacement Vehicle service. This includes the definment of the conditions under which this service can be realized, the duration of the service, the category of the vehicle, the speed of delivery of the vehicle, the time (number of days) of usage for the vehicle by the client, etc.

The service is available on the entire territory of Serbia 0-24h. All categories of vehicles are available to our clients. The general conditions are the same as for the Rent a Car service.