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Frequently asked questions

The first 5 questions are of a general nature and provide answers to the doubts of drivers who have never encountered our roadside assistance Plans. In the second part, under “Frequently Asked Questions”, we provide the answers to questions related to the content of our Plans, technical matters, rules, practical domain, etc.

Is Atlas24h insurance?

Atlas 24h is not your typical insurance, rest assured many people confuse these notions. Atlas24h is a company highly specialized in providing roadside assistances, which has been our primary business for more than 13 years.

Other companies sell Vehicle insurance mandatory when registering vehicle in Serbia, but this doesn’t provide you the roadside assistance service, which is crucial in case you have any breakdown on your vehicle.

Why should I take a roadside assistance plan when it is not required by the law?

Unlike the countries of Western Europe, where roadside assistance is legally regulated, in Serbia it is not yet mandatory. But the Law on Road Safety clearly emphasizes that towing is only possible until the first exit off of the highway or motorway which ties the hands of the drivers in trouble.

In case you skip the first exit, the police can write you a fine in the amount of 5.000 to 25.000 RSD on the spot. There are also details on what type of failure requires rope or rigid connection, permissible distance between the vehicles when towing, etc.

So, only a roadside assistance plan can offer you a solution in which you will not have to worry about what to do when a vehicle breakdown occurs. The solution is just one phone call away from you.

Why, when a breakdown occurs, simply do not call any towing service?

That sounds simple, but in practice it is not. If you do not have the Atlas24h roadside assistance plan you will encounter a number of problems. From which number to call, who and with what kind of vehicle will come, whether you will wait an hour or two or more… And most importantly, how much they will charge you for the service.

Towing prices are up to 10 times more expensive if you do not have a plan. There is an additional charge at night time. The more you are in trouble and the bigger the problem is, the increase of the price on the spot is highly to happen. That’s why you’re never safe. We also start from the fact that you have enough money at the moment at all.

Various frauds on Serbian highways related to illegal towing services are also known.

Why bring yourself the stress, nervousness and large financial expenses when there is a simple solution with an annual plan of roadside assistance.

If I have an Atlas24h roadside assistance plan and a failure occurs, what is the procedure?

All you have to do is call our SOS phone number to dictate your details, location and type of fault and everything else is up to us. We have over 200 partners in Serbia who meet the highest standards of service, equipment and professionalism.

Our partner who is closest to you at that moment goes out on the assistance, which provides for the fastest possible service.

On average, we arrive on the spot in 30 minutes. In larger cities, it is usually faster than average.

How can I be sure that all above said will really be the case?

Unfortunately, in order to be personally convinced of all this, you have to have roadside assistance, that is. to have a vehicle breakdown that we would not want. Our most important refferals are our long-term satisfied customers and associates.

Atlas24h has been providing fleets of large companies such as Knjaz Miloš, Hyundai, Apatin Brewery, DDOR, Nelt, Delta Holding and many others since 2008.

Our company has been declared as the market leader by the popular show Sat Revija Plus, and articles related to our company are often published in their magazines such as YoungTimer.

You may see a detailed list of references on the link Our references. Our clients are the most important to us and we will not allow us to tarnish the name of a company that has existed for more than 12 years, cooperates with large companies and already has over 300,000 users.

What does the unlimited mileage of towing on the territory of Serbia mean?

If you have any breakdown with the vehicle on the territory of Serbia, you have the covered return of the vehicle to your registered address. It doesn’t matter if you are 100 or 500 km far away from the address. Mileage is not measured, so you have complete peace of mind and safety in your vehicle.

Which countries are covered by the Plans abroad f Serbia? Is it just EU countries or others s well?

Atlas24h Plans that include assistances in Europe (Euro +, International, Platinum) cover absolutely all countries in Europe. More precise, the geographical concept of Europe is in question and the only remark is that the packages do not cover the Asian part of Russia and Turkey.

Do I have to go to Serbia in case of a failure if I have a Euro + Plan?

Another great advantage of the Euro + Plan is that with a limit of € 1,000 you can continue your journey in the direction you intended. Therefore, you do not have to interrupt your business or tourist journey.

Who comes to pick me up abroad and how long do I wait?

After telephoning to Atlas24h SOS phone number, our foreign partner who is closest to you at that moment comes first, so the waiting time is minimal. In case of the returning of a vehicle from abroad to Serbia, we can also organize our vehicle from Serbia.

What happens to the Plan if I sell the vehicle?

You can transfer the Plan to another vehicle once during the contract. The transfer is free of charge and it is important that you let us know as soon as the vehicle change occures.

Can I call another tow truck or a friend to tow me and you can refund them later?

No. In order to be entitled to the assistance, you are obliged to call Atlas24h SOS telephone number.

Is the Plan time-bound on the vehicle registration period?

No. Atlas24h Plan last 365 days from the day of activation, regardless of the date of vehicle registration.

What happens to the passengers?

Transportation of passengers who are in the vehicle at the time of the breakdown is provided to the address where the vehicle is towed as well, in accordance with the Plan that you have.

If someone else drives my car, is he entitled to the assistance?

Yes. As we mentioned, the advantage of Atlas24h Plan is that we refer them to the vehicle. Whether you in person are driving, a family member, friend or colleague, whoever is on the vehicle can call our SOS phone number.

Do I have to have an Alas24h card / contract with me?

The user is not obliged to have our card / contract with him/her or in the vehicle, in order to be able to use the assistance. But, when calling our SOS number, you will be found in the user database faster if you have one. This shortens the time to go out for the assistance to your and our satisfaction.

Do Plans on Taxi vehicles?

Taxi vehicles can take packages for the territory of Serbia (National, City), but not for abroad (Euro +, International, Platinum).

Can Atlas Plans be activated for vans and trucks?

If you have this category of vehicle, a Van Plan (Kombi paket) covering the territory of Serbia is designed for you.

What does the assistance for vehicle repair up to 100e mean at Bosch Car Service?

If you have a vehicle breakdown more than 100km from your address, you can ask for the repairment of the vehicle, where Atlas24h covers the costs of up to 100e. In case the repair is more expensive, the user pays the difference.

For example, you started the journey from Belgrade towards Zlatibor, but your car unexpectedly stopped near Užice. You have the right to choose whether you want us to tow you back to Belgrade to the registered address or to pay for the repair of the vehicle at the nearest Bosch Car Service and, after which you can continue your journey to the final destination.

Do I have to go to a mechanics abroad if I have a Euro+ Plan?

No! The great advantage of the Euro + Plan is the unconditional return of vehicles to Serbia, which makes this Plan stand out on the market. You can forget about expensive repairs abroad and waiting at ther services!

What should I do abroad if my car stops at night, or on weekends when the mechanics are not working, and I am with the family and children in the car?

We have a solution for that too! Under the Euro + Plan, you have the option of a hotel accommodation service for up to 2 nights for all passengers in the vehicle. So, you don’t have to worry about your family been taken care of while the vehicle is repaired.

I went to Greece and I'm going to the island, what happens in case of failure? (The previous tow service I called did not want to come to give me the assisance).

With Atlas24h, you don’t have to worry about that, because our abroad Plans also cover the islands.

Is the price of the Plan on a monthly or annual basis?

The price of the Plans refers to the annual period. All our Plans last a year, with one-time full payment.

What are the business hours for when I can call for towing?

Non stop. Our SOS telephone is available 24 hours a day / 7 days a week / 365 days a year. We also work during state and religious holidays and at any time of the day or night.

What is the time period of going out on the field from the moment of the call?

Thanks to the large network of partners we have, the time we need to get to the a breakdown vehicle in Serbia is 30 minutes on average, while in larger cities it is often faster than that.

Can I get a Plan for a vehicle that is not registered in my name?

Yes. The advantage of Atlas24h Plans is that they are refered to the vehicle. You do not have to be the owner of the vehicle in order to activate the Plan.

Can I activate a Plan for Serbia if I have foreign licence plates?

Yes. Plans can be activated for the territory of Serbia (National, City) but not for foreign countries (Euro +, International, Platinum) for the vehicles with foreign license plates.

Where and how can I order / pay for a roadside assistance Plan?

There are several options for getting and paying for Plans. Via online purchase order and payments on the account, courier services, by coming to our branch or through Atlas24h field sales specialist. You choose the option that suits you best.

Do I pay for the towing and get a refund?

All payments are made by Atlas24h directly to tow partners or hotels so that the user does notuse his/her own money. The most important thing is that when you have a problem on the road, you first call our SOS phone number. You don’t need a wallet on you.