SOS number for roadside assistance - 069/667667Plans order number - 060/0992541

Van Plan

If you have a van or a small truck with a total weight of up to 5.0 tons gross, you surely know how difficult it is to find a towing service that has all the necessary legal technical equipment for towing a vehicle. In addition, the time needed to get to the scene from your call is always problematic. The Atlas Van Plan (Kombi paket) will solve your worries. The Plan covers the territory of Serbia, contains 1 assistance and is the youngest member of our family of roadside assistance plans.

The Plan is active for one year from the day of the activation.


Towing up to 100km or


Minor on-site repair (tire, electricity, fuel)


Transportation of 2 passengers


Freight transport organization


Benefits through the Loyalty program

Kombi paket pomoći na putu

Assistance is as follows:


  • Towing up to 100 km or minor on-site service (electricity, tire, fuel loss) up to 100 km or key delivery up to 100 km
  • Transportation of 2 passengers
  • Organization of transport for other passengers
  • Cargo transport organization,

*highlighted mileage refers to the maximum total number of kilometers in both directions.