SOS number for roadside assistance - 069/667667Plans order number - 060/0992541

24h Roadside Assistance

24h Roadside Assistance. Atlas Servis is a leading company on the Serbian market, highly specialized in providing roadside assistance services, with over 13 years of experience in this field.

Over 80% of our clients came to us through referrals.

24h Roadside Assistance - pomoc-na-putu
24h Roadside Assistance - Nacionalni-Paket-3D - pomoć na putu


Our most sought-after roadside assistance Plan, every driver in Serbia requires, both beginners or professionals.

Unlimited towing kilometers in Serbia and transportation for all passengers, will make your ride carefree.

24h Roadside Assistance - Euro+-Paket-3D - pomoć na putu


Roadside assistance Plan that stands out on the market for its quality. It is suitable for drivers traveling abroad, both for business or leisure. Unconditional return for vehicles to Serbia and an unlimited number of assistances make Euro + most popular driver’ choice.

24h Roadside Assistance - Moj-Paket-3D - pomoć na putu


Plan suited for drivers and co-drivers with more vehicles or a high fleet turnover. It is associated to a personal name and ID. Whatever the destination, MOJ Plan insurance secures your safe return home. Economical, practical, simple.


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If you already have Atlas24h or other partner cards (Bosch Car, Bex) roadside assistance plan that requires activation, you can do so here in just a few steps:

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Atlas24h insurance?

Atlas 24h is not your typical insurance, rest assured many people confuse these notions. Atlas24h is a company highly specialized in providing roadside assistances, which has been our primary business for more than 13 years.

Other companies sell Vehicle insurance mandatory when registering vehicle in Serbia, but this doesn’t provide you the roadside assistance service, which is crucial in case you have any breakdown on your vehicle.

Why should I take a roadside assistance plan when it is not required by the law?

Unlike the countries of Western Europe, where roadside assistance is legally regulated, in Serbia it is not yet mandatory. But the Law on Road Safety clearly emphasizes that towing is only possible until the first exit off of the highway or motorway which ties the hands of the drivers in trouble.

In case you skip the first exit, the police can write you a fine in the amount of 5.000 to 25.000 RSD on the spot. There are also details on what type of failure requires rope or rigid connection, permissible distance between the vehicles when towing, etc.

So, only a roadside assistance plan can offer you a solution in which you will not have to worry about what to do when a vehicle breakdown occurs. The solution is just one phone call away from you.

Why, when a breakdown occurs, simply do not call any towing service?

That sounds simple, but in practice it is not. If you do not have the Atlas24h roadside assistance plan you will encounter a number of problems. From which number to call, who and with what kind of vehicle will come, whether you will wait an hour or two or more… And most importantly, how much they will charge you for the service.

Towing prices are up to 10 times more expensive if you do not have a plan. There is an additional charge at night time. The more you are in trouble and the bigger the problem is, the increase of the price on the spot is highly to happen. That’s why you’re never safe. We also start from the fact that you have enough money at the moment at all.

Various frauds on Serbian highways related to illegal towing services are also known.

Why bring yourself the stress, nervousness and large financial expenses when there is a simple solution with an annual plan of roadside assistance.

If I have an Atlas24h roadside assistance plan and a failure occurs, what is the procedure?

All you have to do is call our SOS phone number to dictate your details, location and type of fault and everything else is up to us. We have over 200 partners in Serbia who meet the highest standards of service, equipment and professionalism.

Our partner who is closest to you at that moment goes out on the assistance, which provides for the fastest possible service.

On average, we arrive on the spot in 30 minutes. In larger cities, it is usually faster than average.

24h Roadside Assistance – User experiences

“I was going on a business trip to Budapest when I had a car accident. I called the police and then Atlas Servis to explain the situation in detail.

The communication with Atlas calmed me down and was very pleasant, I can’t describe how much it meant to me.“

Željko Đokić

“In front of the building on Liman 3 neighbourhood, the front part of the car exhaust fell off. I had to stop and I could not continue the driving. And luckily in that accident I had an Atlas Servs sticker on the vehicle. I called the telephone and in 15-20 minutes the tow service arrived.“

Ferdinand Fančević

“I called Atlas Servis SOS Call Center and I was surprised to find out that someone was awake at 4:30AM. The operator said we would get the further instructions in 5 minutes. That’s how it was, and within 30 minutes, the towing service arrived. The vehicle was returned to Novi Sad from Vranje during the day.“

Željko Kaurin

Photographs of the roadside assistances