SOS number for roadside assistance - 069/667667Plans order number - 060/0992541

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Have you been looking forward to the start of a nicer weather to use it for travel? You are not the only one! We know that we had limited movement last year, but the announcement for this summer is much more optimistic. Atlas24h summer sale – action will primarily give you a feeling of carefreeness, both on the territory of Serbia and Europe. When you’ve been waiting for a vacation for so long, don’t let a car breakdown ruin your trip with family or friends. National and Euro+ are the highest quality roadside assistance Plans on the market whose regular price is 9,980 RSD per year.

This summer, we are looking forward to adventure more than ever, while with a special discount of 8,530 RSD, you also get a piece of mind wherever you go!


Unlimited km of towing in Serbia


Minor on-site repair (tire, electricity, fuel)


Unlimited number of assistances in Europe


Unconditional return of vehicles from abroad


Benefits through the Loyalty program


Additional benefits by applying online

Summer sale - Spojeni-paketi-mob-1-400

Assistances include:


Contents of the Atlas24h National Roadside Assistance Plan.


Content Atlas24h Euro+ roadside assistance Plan.