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About Us

We have been with you since 2008!

The founders of Atlas (Atlas24h) roadside assistance have their business obligations crossed by chance. In an informal conversation, they exchanged personal experiences from their travels, when the idyll was disrupted by a vehicle breakdown.

„Those were the events that we were reluctant to remember. And they referred to several hours of waiting for the help, in a bad weather, as well as to the too high compensation for the bad towing service we have received. We came to the conclusion that there is untapped potential in the upper mentioned branch and that fellow drivers, when in trouble, do not have much choice and additionally that the quality of service is questionable“.

That was the reason of founding Atlas24h. We insisted on the right for Serbian drivers to receive the same level of service and safety that Western European drivers do enjoy.

And so Atlas Service (Atlas24h) was born!

Today, Atlas24h is a company with more than 150 energetic people who share the founder’s commitment to fast, efficient and quality roadside assistance service for all our clients.

When we talk about us, we must emphasize that we provide 24-hour roadside assistance in Serbia and in Europe. When we talk about us, we must emphasize that we provide 24-hour roadside assistance in Serbia and in Europe. We have over 200 strategically deployed tow trucks throughout Serbia and a partnership program with the assistance company AWP Austria (member of the Allianz Group) for the territory of Europe.

We at Atlas are driven by the desire to provide our customers with a unique sense of security on the road.

Decades of experience and the knowledge we have in the field of providing roadside assistances can say a lot about us. We also selflessly transfer all that to the promotion and education of the safety of traffic participants.

We take care of the comfort of your journey even when you are not in your car. We provide car rental and transfer services to and from all airports in the region. To complete the whole atmosphere of your trip, we have offerings from our travel agency B Trip.

What does our mission say about us?

​Our mission is the quality service. That is what drives us in Atlas. We strive to provide our customers with an unique sense of security and peace of mind on the road, thanks to our dedicated team of workers and associates.

With the quality, speed and precision of our service, we always want to be one call from you, at any time of the day or night and anywhere.

Atlas24h is a logical choice for every driver in Serbia, because we guarantee:

  • the highest quality service in terms of speed, efficiency and customer relationship,
  • the largest and most affordable range of roadside assistance Plans,
  • long-term cooperation and satisfaction.

Our slogan is: „Always carefree with us“ evidenced by our numerous and satisfied clients, associates and partners.


Clients who choose us by the recommendation

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References confirm everything we say

  • During 13 years of dedicated work, Atlas24h has created a wide network of clients, partners and associates, which has made us undisputed leaders in our industry.
  • Since 2016, thanks to this cooperation, we have started developing the Atlas Loyalty programThis program provides to all our clients additional benefits and discounts from our partners: Bosch Car Service, Wurth, Auto Stakla Ivanić, Triglav Insurance, B-Trip travel agency, EuroAuto, Zeder.
  • We are proud of the successful cooperation with the companies: VIP mobile, the Sat Revija television show and the magazine Young Timer, RegOs, Mondial Assistance, BalkanAuto, Bridge Communication,, Icom Communications.
  • We also have References from the largest companies operating in Serbia, such as: Knjaz Miloš, Hyundai, Delta Holding, Delta Motors, Nelt, Apatinska Pivara, DDOR Novi Sad, Ford Grand Motors, Avia, Victoria Group…

Atlas24h is a leading company on the territory of Serbia

Atlas24h roadside assistance is a leading company today on the territory of Serbia and in the region in roadside assistance services and related activities, such as car rental and passenger transfers.

We were the first to offer the possibility of unlimited towing mileage on the territory of Serbia, as well as coverage for the costs of vehicle repairs. That way, apart from the National Plan, you don’t need anything else to get home carefree, together with all the passengers.

With the Euro+ Plan, we have also solved the problem of expensive vehicle repairs in Europe when providing the service of unconditional return of vehicles from abroad, so you no longer have to depend on anybody else.

National and Euro+ roadside assistance Plans stand out as the best in terms of their content and comprehensiveness.

Our packages contain everything that is necessary for the most demanding drivers to have a peace of mind in their vehicle, whether on the Serbian roads or in Europe. Simply, you are the part of our big family and you deserve to drive carefree.

Atlas24h roadside assistance – Carefree with us!