SOS number for roadside assistance - 069/667667Plans order number - 060/0992541

Euro+ Plan

A Plan that stands out on the market for its content and quality. It covers the territory of Europe (except Serbia) and is adapted for all drivers who travel abroad, whether for business or tourism. Unconditional repatriation to Serbia, hotel accommodation for up to 2 nights and an unlimited number of assistances make Euro+ the first choice of drivers. Forget about expensive repairs and unverified mechanics abroad and waiting for 5 or more days for repairs. Fast, efficient, easy and carefree!
The Plan is active for one year from the day of the activation.


Unlimited number of assistances abroad


Unconditional repatriation from abroad to Serbia in the limit of up to 1.000 euros


Transportation of all passengers


Hotel accommodation for up to 2 nights for all travelers


Benefits through the Loyalty program

Assistance is as follows:


Roadside assistance abroad, for private passenger vehicles up to 3.0 t total weight (excluding taxis, vans and trucks) LIMIT
Assistance for the repartriation to the Republic of Serbia on the address user specified in the contract or registered when activating the package € 1.000,00
All the countries in which the International Plan is valid:
  Azerbaian   Kazakhstan   San Marino
  Albania   Cyprus   Slovakia
  Andorra   Latvia   Slovenia
  Austria   Lithuania   Turkey (European part)
  Belgium   Liechtenstein   UK
  Belarus   Luxembourg   Ukraine
  Bosnia and Herzegovina   Hungary   Finland
  Bulgaria   Northern Macedonia   France
  Vatican   Malta   The Netherlands
  Georgia   Moldova   Croatia
  Greece   Monaco   Montenegro
  Denmark   Germany   Czech Republic
  Estonia   Norway   Switzerland
  Republic of Ireland   Poland   Sweden
  Iceland   Portugal   Spain
  Italy   Rumania   
  Armenia   Russia (European part)   


The user of the service within the limit of € 1,000.00 can also use the services:

  • transport of all passengers who were in the vehicle at the time of the breakdown or traffic accident, from the place of the breakdown or traffic accident to the destination that suits the service user at that time (hotel or service)
  • hotel accommodation of all passengers who were in the vehicle at the time of the breakdown or traffic accident, in a hotel with a maximum of 3 stars, maximum 2 nights, with coverage of costs up to 50 euros per person per night and in such a way that the limit for returning vehicles for the Republic of Serbia reduces by the value of the used services, according to the price list of the local service provider.

As well as the following services:

  • 20% discount for further towing,
  • Discount for car rental service 10%,
  • Loyalty program.


The Euro+ Plan (Euro+ Paket) can be combined with the National Plan (Nacionalni Paket) for the territory of Serbia. In that way, you get not only double security, but also a 1.450 RSD discount on the price of the Euro+ Plan. See all the details on the Summer Sale page.