SOS number for roadside assistance - 069/667667Plans order number - 060/0992541

City Plan

Drive carefree in your city or in the county. You won’t have to get upset if your car suddenly stops in the middle of a city traffic jam because the solution is just a telephone call away. The user has the option of using the assistance 2 times. Whether you want a tow to the house or a nearby mechanics is up to you. If you happen to have a flat tire or a flat battery, you also don’t have to worry because with the City Plan you become a real city driver who always has a ready solution.

The Plan is active for one year from the day of the activation.


Towing up to 50km in Serbia or


Minor on-site repair (tire, electricity, fuel)


Transportation of all passengers


Delivery of keys up to 50km


Benefits through the Loyalty program


Assistance is as follows:


Assistance for the territory of Serbia that the user can use 2 times:

    • Towing up to 50 km or minor on-site service (electricity, tire, fuel loss) or key delivery up to 50 km
    • Vehicle storage for 1 day
    • Transportation of all passengers from the vehicle
    • Transport of a trailer
    • Accommodation organization
    • 20% discount for further towing
    • 10% discount for car rental service
    • Loyalty program

     * mileage refers to the total number of kilometers in both directions.