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Airline tickets, hotels, apartments

How to organize a trip well?

We are sure that this is one of the most common questions. How many times have you lost hours and hours looking for a good price and at the end of the search you are again not sure if the price of the hotel or apartment you found is the best.

Our goal is to make every trip easier for you.

Statistics show that in most cases we find a better price for a hotel room or apartment than hotel search engines that are available and that travelers find online on their own.

We monitor airline tickets prices every day. We always try to find the best, and at the same time, the most favorable option and the price.

Why do you need Atlas support on every trip?

– We are your travel advisors and we organize personalized trips (exactly what the traveler wants)

– All our passengers have the support of our team 24 hours a day

– We provide airline tickets for all destinations (including low cost companies)

– We provide support when booking hotels, apartments, rent a car, transfers and travel insurance

For more information or reservations you can contact us by e-mail or phone number 069/202-8007.


The percentage of cases where we find a better deal than on the search engines

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